100 Years combined experience from world class spell casters

Who Are We?

We are experienced in the Metaphysical Arts, including spells, energy work, telepathy, psychic ability and many more ancient and modern abilities and rituals to change future outcomes. Our combined experience equals more than 100 years! 

We do NOT deal in black magic. All of our spells are based on White Magic and positive energy. We are ethical spiritual beings who have helped thousands of people. 

All of our spell Casters work under the experience and expertise of Master John Paul. To learn more simply CLICK HERE.

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Discreet Billing

All purchases are discreetly billed NOT to include anything about spells at all. Billing will show on your credit or debit card as "Virtual Processing". There are numerous companies with those words in it and none of them point to a spell site or a psychic site.

The company name is very vague and we chose it that way to protect you! Your information always remains private and confidential. We never sell or share any of your information with any third party. 

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Master John Paul

25 Years Experience - Several Spell Casters Working with Me. Combined experience is over 100 years.

I have been using my spiritual gifts for healing, spell casting and providing psychic guidance for over 25 years. This is my 3rd decade using the Metaphysical Arts, to move energy, cast spells and help people to find lasting love.

When I think about where I started and where I ended up, it almost seems unreal. By now I have clients in nearly every country on the planet. I have given thousands of psychic readings and cast more spells than I can remember. And I have been asked to use my abilities with spell casting to stop divorces, reverse breakups and intervene in other matters of the heart, by thousands of people. And I have been able to deliver.       

Not all or even most psychics can also do energy work or cast spells, but I have devoted my life to this work and with great results. I rotate the testimonials on this page, from time to time, so that you can see how people are helped and by the spell casting we do here.  And we do everything here from the heart, because we believe in our work and have seen it make so many people's lives better.

Historically, psychics would discover their abilities around their 30s or so. And they harness that ability, to the point of being able to help others, with their sixth sense. 

I have always had a psychic ability and started using it very young. However, it wasn't until my early twenties (I'm forty-something now) that I really perfected the art and science of casting spells – to the point where it was reliable and effective. Now I have helped thousands or people in those 25 years, from all over the world.       

The Internet hosts a lot of websites for fake spell casters, no doubt about that unfortunately. But the Internet has also been a blessing for many real spell casters, good spell casters. Frankly, it has forced us to get better at what we do. 

I have gathered up the best spell casters and we work together, on this site, for you, when we cast your spells.

In closing, browse this site and find the spells that you need. And know that there are several of us, working around the clock, to cast spells and to make sure those spells are as effective as they can be. 

I oversee everything, and we have a great spiritual family here, casting your spells and getting results. I hope you will allow us to help you.   




NOTE: With  all of our spells, once you have placed your order, you will be  directed to a page where you can provide us with the information we will  need to cast your spells.  

Nothing about spells or psychics will appear on your credit card bill. To learn more about how we protect your privacy CLICK HERE.

Real Testimonials from Real people - please send us yours!

Sherry - Bakersfield, CA

I was skeptical at first, but after I ordered 2 spells to get my ex back, we were reunited!

Kayla - Chicago, IL

I almost got divorced before I got a spell to stop a breakup. I think whoever is doing the spells knows what they're doing.

Amir - Dubai, UAE

I have used 3 different spells to repair my broken relationship. We are back together. The other person who was  interfering is gone and we are happier than ever.

John - Dallas, TX

The spells for stopping a breakup are especially good. I also got a money spell and now they're promoting me. What can I say? It works.

Jessica - Dubai, UAE

Now I get to marry a man from another country, whom I love. His parents were trying to put him into an arranged marriage. I found a spell to remove outside interference and a spell to make our bond stronger. 

Sandra - Sydney, AU

My ex got involved with a terrible woman and he was not himself. I used the spells to get him back and make her go away.

We Would Love to Hear from You

Please send us your testimonial. We do not post last names and we present new testimonials randomly, as there are so many of them. Let others know how our spells have worked out for you, so that they can help know which spells are right for them.



Refunds and Guarantee Policy

This site is operated by Virtual Processing Solutions. We do not offer or provide anyone with a refund or money-back guarantee. Spiritual work is not an exact science, so it's impossible to offer any kind of guarantee. Therefore, no guarantees are given. Our services are based upon our faith. You don't have to share our beliefs to request our services, but you do need faith and positive energy directed towards our work in order for your spiritual service request to manifest with a good outcome. If a client of Virtual Processing Solutions or our affiliates, do not possess these requirements, spiritual work will not come out successful, or may take much longer to see results.

Therefore, no refunds, returns, or exchanges will be given on any and all services and products provided by Virtual Processing Solutions or our affiliates. This is non-negotiable and is directed towards any purchases or donations made online, by email, in-person, by phone or any other method of delivery or payment. Once you have made payment we cannot provide you with a refund, return, or exchange whatsoever on any services or products provided. This is our policy and if this is something you cannot comply with, please do not use the services of Virtual Processing Solutions or our affiliates, as we do not alter our policies for anyone for any reason. Individual results may vary.  

Additional Disclaimer

All services provided are for spiritual and positive growth purposes only, and they cannot and will not be substituted for legal or medical help. If you're suffering from emotional issues, health complications, financial problems, or legal concerns, please contact your local and registered professional immediately for further assistance. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO USE THIS SITE.

Virtual Processing Solutions and its Affiliates will not be held responsible for any actions taken or consequences that may occur, if you choose to contact and use the services of this site or any of our sites, instead of seeking out professional help. All services offered by us, shall be used at your own risk. There are no warranties or guarantees available for any advice, spiritual services/spell casting, energy work or consulting provided by the operators of this site.